A Plea for Renewed Industrial Sovereignty

Two major crises in Europe today—the global health crisis, gradually easing, and the war in Ukraine on the EU’s eastern borders—underscore the heavy reliance of European value chains on the world. In his recent book, “The Clash of Sovereignties” (Editions Débats Publics, 2023), Pascal Lorot advocates for renewed industrial sovereignty.

The Comeback of Sovereignty

Firstly, the global health crisis and the war in Ukraine have opportunely put sovereignty back in the spotlight. Whereas this political concept was out of date, even demonised, it is now on everyone’s lips. The French and European elites, who swore by “happy globalisation” and “gentle commerce”, are gradually recovering from their past illusions. With the heightened risk of dependency hanging over the Old Continent, no one can ignore this vital challenge for our societies’ destiny. In the face of an impending global clash of sovereignties, France and Europe must strengthen their strategic autonomy at all costs.

Time for Action

Secondly, from economic resilience to cyber security, numerous critical issues are at stake: re-industrialization, agri-food, defense, energy, access to rare metals, and digital innovations. Therefore, government and business leaders have a joint responsibility to put the promotion of sovereignty at the heart of their priorities. This is no time for procrastination or half-measures. To prevent Europe from losing its historical significance or facing future chaos, we must make bold economic choices that break from the last thirty years’ ideological software, Lorot argues. Sovereignty is once again a key concept for shaping our future and preparing for global competition. In conclusion, this is the only way for Europe and France to remain among the leading regions in the world.

Read Pascal Lorot’s interview in the French journal “L’Opinion”.

Couverture du dernier ouvrage de Pascal Lorot intitulé Le choc des souverainetés.