How can we put France back on the international scene?

Why are we right to denounce the failure of our ruling elites? How can we develop a common European policy in the face of migratory flows? On what basis should we build a European environmental geopolicy? How can Europe and France enter the digital competition against Silicon Valley? Are we doomed to be dominated by the United States? In order to support Ukraine, should we break with Russia? Is China the real systemic adversary of the West? After decades of relations tarnished by Franco-Africa, how can we re-engage with the countries of the African continent?

Far from stereotypical approaches, Pascal Lorot answers these questions with courage and lucidity and analyzes all the main geo-economic issues of the next 30 years.

Even if France is going through one of the most serious crises in its history, which is jeopardizing its identity and its future, for Pascal Lorot all is not lost. As long as it frees itself from the dependencies that weigh on its collective destiny, our country has all the necessary assets to regain its status as an international power.

In order to regain room for maneuver, the ability to make decisions for ourselves, and influence, our country must regain its courage, lucidity and ambition. Faced with the vital challenges of the next thirty years (global warming, demographic explosion, Chinese imperialism, Islamist offensive), this is no longer the time for procrastination or procrastination for the author. The time has come to promote the spirit of conquest, to renounce conformism and to make France a new melting pot for our talents.