Pascal Lorot is also :
  • President of the Institut Choiseul
  • Special Representative for economic diplomacy in Central Asia

Pascal Lorot has been President of the Institut Choiseul since 2010. Previously, he was a member of the College of the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE), where he was appointed in 2003 by then President Jacques Chirac.

Pascal Lorot was also Director of Economic Studies at TOTAL (1995-2003), advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finance (Edmond Alphandéry, 1993-1995), advisor to the President (Jacques Attali) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD – London) (1990-1993), researcher at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) and Director of the BNP in Moscow (Russia).

In parallel to the presidency of the Choiseul Institute, Pascal Lorot served as Commissioner General of France for the International Exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan, summer 2017), appointed by the President of the Republic. More recently, in April 2019, he was appointed Special Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for economic diplomacy in Central Asia.

Pascal Lorot has a PhD in economics (Sciences Po, Paris) and a PhD in political science (University of Paris II). He has been made a Knight of the Legion of Honor, the National Order of Merit, and of the Arts and Letters.

Latest publications:

  • Pascal Lorot et Jean-François Daguzan, L’Asie Centrale après “la guerre contre la terreur”, Paris, L’Harmattan, décembre 2004, 290 p. (ISBN 9782747571883)
  • Pascal Lorot et Jean Guellec (dir.), Planète Océane : L’essentiel de la Mer, Paris, Institut Choiseul, 27 novembre 2006, 528 p. (ISBN 978-2916722009)
  • Pascal Lorot, Le siècle de la Chine : Essai sur la nouvelle puissance, Paris, Choiseul, 25 avril 2007, 258 p. (ISBN 978-2916722016)
  • Yves Lacoste et Pascal Lorot, La Géopolitique et le Géographe. Entretiens avec Pascal Lorot, Paris, Choiseul, 270 p. (ISBN 978-2361590017, lire en ligne [archive])
  • Pascal Lorot, Fragments géopolitiques, Paris, Choiseul, 21 janvier 2011, 248 p. (ISBN 978-2361590079)
  • Pascal Lorot, Chroniques d’un monde nouveau, Paris, Alpharès, 2015
  • Pascal Lorot, La France dans le grand jeu mondial, Hermann éditions, 2022
  • Pascal Lorot, Le choc des souverainetés, Débats publics, 2023