Circular Economy: a Guide by and for Leadrs

At a time when the issues of sustainability and re-industrialisation are at the heart of political concerns, the Institut Choiseul is committed to putting the circular economy on the agenda of public and private leaders.

Advice and tools to tackle the urgent need to move towards a circular economy

The Institut Choiseul has published a guide to systemic implementation of the circular economy in France. Based on the testimonies and best practices of 25 public and private decision-makers, this study is a collective call to move away from a throwaway society towards an economic model adapted to the challenges of climate change and the limited nature of the planet’s resources. While the French Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act is laying the foundations for transformation, there is still a long way to go to move from a linear economy (extract, manufacture, consume, throw away) to a circular economic model (reduce, reuse, recycle – 3R).

The decision-makers interviewed believe that French companies can nevertheless become leaders in the circular economy. Among them: Jean-Michel BUF (French National Council for Circular Economy), Thomas LESUEUR (French Ministry of Ecological Transition), Géraldine OLIVIER (Fnac-Darty), Brune POIRSON (Accor) and Juliette SICOT-CREVET (SEB). The study compiles their best practices and advice for experts and managers.

The central role of public authorities: towards a new regulatory framework?

For all respondents, only the State can currently drive and accelerate this economic paradigm shift. The companies surveyed rate the effectiveness of the regulatory framework in making the circular economy systemic at 4.1 out of 10. At issue are regulations that focus too much on recycling to the detriment of reconditioning, repair and reuse. The report calls for a clear and stable framework to match the ambitions set. To go further and faster, a number of companies are proposing that the circular economy be recognised as a common good or of general interest. Also, some are also calling for the organisation of a General Assembly on the circular economy to align all sectors on common objectives.

The full study (French) is available online.

You can also read the article in the Journal du Dimanche, which previewed the report’s conclusions:

Article du Journal du Dimanche sur l'étude de l'Institut Choiseul sur l'économie circulaire